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Scatter Plot: An Effective Tool to Represent Relationship Between Two Variables

Studies often involve describing the relationship between two numeric variables. Scatter plot is one such statistical tool which is used in the studies to observe and represent the relationship between the variables.  Scatter plot, commonly known as scatter diagram, is a two dimensional plot that uses dots to illustrate the values for two numeric variables. […]

Research Method used in Social Science

Like a kid in the candy store, researchers in social science remain uncertain in choosing an apt method to address their research question. This comprises of an array of qualitative research methods ranging from narratives to in-depth case studies. Approaches like narrative, including sone-two samples, provide information about individual experiences and sequence. On the other […]

Mann-Whitney U-Test: Exploring an Alternative to Independent Sample T-Test

Mann-Whitney U-Test. The independent sample T-test, popular among a pool of statistical tests, is widely used to develop statistical evidence for two populations average is significant or not. However, when the assumptions of this test are in doubt, it is the Mann- Whitney U test that comes in handy. Mann- Whitney U-test is the alternative […]

5 Most Commonly Used Data Mining Techniques and Their Benefits

In this blog, we will let you know about Data Mining Techniques and Their Benefits. Data is everywhere; and especially in research works, data occupies a quintessential position. Gathering data is the first step in a scientific inspection. But scientific investigation is not just limited to compilation of data points. The researchers should decide ‘which’ […]