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Help with Writing a PhD Thesis: Things You Should Include

There are various things to keep in mind while writing a PhD Thesis. Every PhD aspirant holds at least two aims; first, presenting an excellent thesis and second, scoring high at the end of the term. However, both these aims are interrelated or else you can say first is the cause for the effect of […]

How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter

The chapter on methodology is the heart of your dissertation, as it pumps up the entire research through its vital operations. Therefore, you should Strengthen your Methodology Chapter. Now the question arises is How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter? To make this chapter effective, it is not only important to explain about your […]

How to present your research argument convincingly

A dissertation that does not present a strong argument is as good (or bad) as a literature review. Unless you specifically seek to write just a review, paying attention towards the development and presentation of your argument is important. The dissertation need not prove something right or wrong; it cannot be the last word on […]

Considerations While Collecting Data for Your Research

Data collection during a research study is not just concerned with the right tools to use. There are several other Considerations While Collecting Data that should be taken into account before you finalize your data collection methods and strategies. Check out some of the factors that may influence your choice of tools and methods for […]

Forecast based research

Research methods are employed to broaden the horizons of knowledge, research methods applied to forecast future behavior of any variable is called forecast based research. This type of research is applied to obtain sales forecasts, manpower forecasts, availability of resources, economic forecasts, in demographic studies like population growth, employment levels, income distribution, political forecasting, weather […]