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Test of Practicality

Economy, interpretability and convenience are the three factors on which the practicality of a measuring instrument can depend upon.  The measuring instrument should be practical from operational point of view. The economic factor suggests that some form of trade off is required between the projects considered ideal and also which could be afforded. Convenience test […]

Ways of conceptualising a literature review

The following are a few ways to conceptualising a literature review: List: literature review is basically a list containing pertinent items which represents the literature of the subject. Search: the review is a process understood as identification of important information and the concentration is to find or look for. This may include gong through sources […]

The value of academic blogs

It is very useful to read the blogs on the website of an academic support company. These blogs are often written by people who have spent many years in academia and know what they are talking about. It is a great way of getting useful information on many aspects that the students will be interested […]

Presentation of data is important to ace your dissertation

A dissertation is incomplete without primary and secondary research; hence, it is important to not only collect substantial data through qualitative and quantitative research but it is also important to present the data in a coherent manner. Quantitative research involves the collection of data through polls and surveys. However, for people to make sense of […]