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Importance of Dissertation in the Degree Course

Traditionally, degree courses culminates with a dissertation or extended essay or senior paper or independent learning project. These long assignments which require self study, analysis of facts and figures and summarization have special importance in the evaluation. There is a hug importance of dissertation in degree course. Importance of Dissertation in the Degree Course is […]

How to Complete the Dissertation by Writing Every Day

If you are waiting for the day when you will feel like writing your dissertation and complete it in a few days, then let me tell you, the day will never come. You have to schedule reading, writing and reviewing on a daily basics so that you not only complete it, but also produce a […]

Why You Need A Transcription For Your Dissertation

There are various steps involved in writing a dissertation – the development of the proposal, the review of the proposal, its oral presentation, the approval of the proposal, etc. Each of these tasks has to be completed before a certain deadline. However, you might have also interviewed several people in the process of collecting the […]

Presentation of data is important to ace your dissertation

A dissertation is incomplete without primary and secondary research; hence, it is important to not only collect substantial data through qualitative and quantitative research but it is also important to present the data in a coherent manner. Quantitative research involves the collection of data through polls and surveys. However, for people to make sense of […]

Dissertation Proposal That Leads To Success

Your dissertation proposal is your golden chance to impress your research committee and gain the support of your supervisor for your project. However, this can be possible only when you are meticulous in preparing the proposal and get a perfect result. You need to know the elements that go into a winning dissertation proposal. Your […]