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Research Method used in Social Science

Like a kid in the candy store, researchers in social science remain uncertain in choosing an apt method to address their research question. This comprises of an array of qualitative research methods ranging from narratives to in-depth case studies. Approaches like narrative, including sone-two samples, provide information about individual experiences and sequence. On the other […]

How to present your research argument convincingly

A dissertation that does not present a strong argument is as good (or bad) as a literature review. Unless you specifically seek to write just a review, paying attention towards the development and presentation of your argument is important. The dissertation need not prove something right or wrong; it cannot be the last word on […]

Forecast based research

Research methods are employed to broaden the horizons of knowledge, research methods applied to forecast future behavior of any variable is called forecast based research. This type of research is applied to obtain sales forecasts, manpower forecasts, availability of resources, economic forecasts, in demographic studies like population growth, employment levels, income distribution, political forecasting, weather […]

Test of Practicality

Economy, interpretability and convenience are the three factors on which the practicality of a measuring instrument can depend upon.  The measuring instrument should be practical from operational point of view. The economic factor suggests that some form of trade off is required between the projects considered ideal and also which could be afforded. Convenience test […]