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Forecast based research

Research methods are employed to broaden the horizons of knowledge, research methods applied to forecast future behavior of any variable is called forecast based research. This type of research is applied to obtain sales forecasts, manpower forecasts, availability of resources, economic forecasts, in demographic studies like population growth, employment levels, income distribution, political forecasting, weather […]

Ways of doing Meta-Analysis

When a student is asked to conduct meta-analysis, what is he being asked to do? He is being asked to take the results of different studies, compare them, and see what patterns he can derive from his comparison. One of the interesting things about meta-analysis is that the research has already been completed. It has […]

What makes a good bibliography?

Any researcher would get an impression that length is a correct measure of a good bibliography as it reflects upon the number of sources the researcher worked on. This is undoubtedly true but not to complete extent. Bibliography should be selectively focussed which means the researcher must not try to include all the sources that […]