Considerations While Collecting Data for Your Research

Data collection during a research study is not just concerned with the right tools to use. There are several other Considerations While Collecting Data that should be taken into account before you finalize your data collection methods and strategies. Check out some of the factors that may influence your choice of tools and methods for data collection.

Resource availability

You should not only consider the financial resources or budget set for data collection purposes, but should also look at other resources like time and human resource. Evaluate the estimated expenditure on the entire process of data collection and make it fit into your budget. You should also consider the time you have at hand and any people support available to you.

Background and sensitivity of subjects

It is also critical to consider the background of your population so you may choose appropriate tools to gather data from your subjects. For example, you may have to design your questionnaire in multiple languages if you have sample subjects who belong to different regions or who do not speak English. Similarly, it is also necessary to check the sensitivity levels of your subjects. For example, you may not use an email survey when you are conducting your study on the victims of an incident. It is better to go for personal data collection tools, such as a one-on-one interview, while dealing with sensitive subjects.

Credibility of your tools

You may have one or more data collection tools or instruments to use on your sample. It is essential that you first check the credibility of each of your tools before you start collecting data for your research. Your instruments should be completely reliable and valid.

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Importance of collected data

Since you are investing several resources into this task, make sure that data collection leaves you with important information that is relevant for your study. Avoid capturing redundant or unrequired information.

These were a few Considerations While Collecting Data for Your Research.

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