How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter

The chapter on methodology is the heart of your dissertation, as it pumps up the entire research through its vital operations. Therefore, you should Strengthen your Methodology Chapter. Now the question arises is How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter?

To make this chapter effective, it is not only important to explain about your research problems and hypotheses but also the entire process used to conduct your study. Thus, maintain clarity while you describe your research questions at the start of this chapter in your dissertation.

Further, it is necessary that you take a holistic approach while describing about the context of your study. You should cover all significant aspects, such as your sample and sampling procedure or the study rationale. Since sampling is very important to your research, make sure that you explain the impact of your chosen sampling procedure, as well as your chosen sample. This could be linked to the statistical significance of findings. However, keep in mind to make things clear and focused.

Apart from sampling, you should also give a detailed explanation of your selected methods that have been used to conduct your research. Since it is required to justify your selection, always ensure to do a critical analysis of these methods. Only choose such methods that can help you in studying your problem effectively and in collecting relevant data. Even if you choose a non-standard approach, make sure that you have enough reasons to justify your method choice.

In addition, cover the aspects of reliability and validity in this chapter. Your techniques should be reliable enough so these can bring out reproducible results. It is one way you can bring credibility to your work. You should additionally talk about precision and error issues while covering your methodology in the dissertation. Finally, wrap up with a brief about your general approach so it could later be linked properly to your findings.

In this way you can give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter.

2 thoughts on “How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter

  1. Before we start writing methodology, research problems, hypotheses and method of data collection should be clear in our mind and should ensure that they are reliable. Otherwise at later stages we make changes in methodology section

  2. Before we start writing methodology, research problems, hypotheses and research questions should be clear in our mind because in methodology section we have to work on approaches suitable to our research

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