The journey of Choon Yeong of His MBA Dissertation

Choon Yeong, a meritorious and ambitious student from Malaysia, came to The United Kingdom to pursue his MBA from a reputed college. With big dreams of the future in his eyes, he planned on completing his MBA with flying colors and get a dream job. There was just one hurdle between him and his dreams […]

How to Make Your Review Critical for a Well Written PhD Research

How to Make Your Review Critical for a Well Written PhD Research A critical literature review is of great importance in drafting a good, superior quality PhD thesis. The motive behind a literature review is that it places your research in historical perspective and relates your research to the previous researches undertaken by experts all […]

Importance of Dissertation in the Degree Course

Traditionally, degree courses culminates with a dissertation or extended essay or senior paper or independent learning project. These long assignments which require self study, analysis of facts and figures and summarization have special importance in the evaluation. There is a hug importance of dissertation in degree course. Importance of Dissertation in the Degree Course is […]

How to Complete the Dissertation by Writing Every Day

If you are waiting for the day when you will feel like writing your dissertation and complete it in a few days, then let me tell you, the day will never come. You have to schedule reading, writing and reviewing on a daily basics so that you not only complete it, but also produce a […]

Why You Need A Transcription For Your Dissertation

There are various steps involved in writing a dissertation – the development of the proposal, the review of the proposal, its oral presentation, the approval of the proposal, etc. Each of these tasks has to be completed before a certain deadline. However, you might have also interviewed several people in the process of collecting the […]

Help with Writing a PhD Thesis: Things You Should Include

There are various things to keep in mind while writing a PhD Thesis. Every PhD aspirant holds at least two aims; first, presenting an excellent thesis and second, scoring high at the end of the term. However, both these aims are interrelated or else you can say first is the cause for the effect of […]

How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter

The chapter on methodology is the heart of your dissertation, as it pumps up the entire research through its vital operations. Therefore, you should Strengthen your Methodology Chapter. Now the question arises is How to Give Strength to Your Methodology Chapter? To make this chapter effective, it is not only important to explain about your […]