How to present your research argument convincingly

A dissertation that does not present a strong argument is as good (or bad) as a literature review. Unless you specifically seek to write just a review, paying attention towards the development and presentation of your argument is important. The dissertation need not prove something right or wrong; it cannot be the last word on the topic. But it merely tries to support a theory and refute others through a strong argument.So, we need to How to present your research argument convincingly.

Here are few steps to present your research argument convincingly:

  • Based on valid facts

The facts and figures on which you base your arguments must be valid and authentic. Check the accuracy of all data that you are using for analysis, as well as the reliability of sources. Do not rely on a single source for any information; double check all statements and facts. Moreover, any assumption that you are making for framing the argument must be correct and stated clearly.

  • Clear presentation

An argument, however strong, will not succeed in convincing the readers if it is not written clearly. Heavy vocabulary and incorrect phrasing can deviate readers from the point that you are making. So write your arguments in clear and crisp manner, highlighting the most important aspects of the study.

Secondly, it must also reflect your original insight. While you will take guidance from literature sources, your idea or theory, as well as the critical analysis you make must be made clear through the argument.

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  • Reach focused results

The aim of any research study is to find answers to a specific question. Your arguments will be affective only when you are able to satisfactorily answer the research question posed at the beginning of the study. The result thus derived must not be ambiguous; it has to be clear and certain. The result must be supported by logic and fact.

  • Consider counter claims

Always take into account opposing views. It is best to consider such counter arguments first and find the weakness or research gap in them. Then show how your argument is better and fills the gap. However, it is not necessary to refute every other point of view. You may just include them as a part of your report without objecting to them.

The research report is not a war you are trying to win. So, frame your arguments convincingly but in a subtle manner.

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