Proper Dissertation Research Methods Can Lead You to Succeed

The first ever hurdle on the road to completing a thesis can be choosing a topic. However, if you have completed that step successfully, you would realize that there is much hard work remaining to be done. The hard work begins where you decide that it is time to select a good research methods for your dissertation.

Let the Literature Guide You

A literature review that is thorough and has been done very carefully can help you select the right research methods for your dissertation. If you compare your research with that of the others, then you would come to know whether you have selected the correct research method or not.

Choose What’s Most Important

Students, who are pursuing their doctoral degree, may sometimes feel like they have to include every variable that is related to their area of interest that they may have come across. You can, however, not put everything in just one project. Do not go for methods that are not relevant to your dissertation. Make sure you go for more relevant research methods.

Tap the Expertise of Others

You should consider approaching your research committee in case you need any help with selecting the research methods. Your research committee would be a valuable resource on research methodology since they would not only be having experience in the field, but they would also know how to help you out.

Completion Time

Consider how long it would take to complete your dissertation before you could select a research method for your dissertation. The best thing to do in such cases would be to select a research method that is very simple. Before that, consider a project that is not only less time intensive, but also one that would not put too much pressure on you.

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  1. It depends on research, variables and how you are measuring those variables, is it qualitative research wherein you took interviews, or is it quantitative research wherein you can quantify the responses in terms of numbers.

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