Tips for Writing a Psychology Lab Report

A psychology lab report describes an experiment. It often takes the same form as that of a journal. As the report is being prepared there are various elements that go into it.

Title Page

The first element that goes into a psychology lab report is the title page. The title page has the name of the paper, the name of the researcher, and his academic affiliation.

The Abstract

On the second page of the lab report the abstract will be found. What is this abstract? The abstract is usually no longer than a paragraph. It is a brief synopsis of a report. The APA style lays down the rules for what an abstract should be like. The ideal length of the abstract according to this style should be somewhere between 150 -200 words.


The paper begins with an introduction on the topic. The introduction starts with telling the readers all about the previous research work that has been done on the project. The introduction then goes on to tell the readers all about the nature of the current research. This part of the report also provides the hypothesis on which the rest of the project has been based.

Method Section

The method section gives information on the procedures used in the experiment. The content includes a list of the number of participants in the experiment, the background of the participants, the types of variables that have been used, and finally the type of design that was used for the experiments.

Results Section

At the end of the report comes the results section. This is followed by the discussion and analysis of the results. At the end of the report come all the references and sources that have been used for the research. This is the pattern that is commonly used for the majority of psychology lab reports.