As it is important to remove linguistic errors in your thesis, it is also essential to get rid of formatting errors. A well-formatted thesis is also well readable and presentable. Formatting makes your work neat and tidy, as well as improves its visual appeal. Thus, it is helpful in scoring added points when your work is graded by your review committee.

Additionally, there are a number of formats used by colleges across the world for the presentation of research reports and referencing sources. When you are preparing a thesis for the documentation of your PhD research work, you must follow the precise format that is prescribed by your college or university. Among these professional formats, the following are some of the prominent ones:

Since citation is an important part of our thesis formatting service in Singapore, we ensure that the resources you use are acknowledged properly in the right format, thus avoiding plagiarism. Moreover, there are other aspects like margins, structure, bulleting, titles and fonts that we examine under this service. We focus on bringing format consistency throughout your document. With support from our editors, you will be able to format your thesis text, tables and graphic elements in a correct manner.

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