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About The Team Of Revive Dissertation

We, at Revive Dissertation, are a team of academic experts who came from different subject domains and expertise. We started with an expert team of 11 in November 2008, and now (2021 December) we have become a growing family of 317 members who have assisted thousands of students pursuing their masters’ and PhD courses in Singapore.

Revive Dissertation is an extension unit of the parent company Regent Research Writing (established in 2005) to provide academic services in Singapore. Our team consists of members who have completed their masters and doctoral degrees from Universities in Singapore which provides us with the benefit of understanding the general as well as specific guidelines for PhD thesis writing as well as masters dissertation development services.

We believe in interactive services with our clients be it students or researchers as it helps us in providing personalized services which ensure greater satisfaction. Our team plans and designs the research structure as per their best knowledge to fit the subject specific needs.

Why Choose Us For Academic Research Writing In Singapore?

Guaranteed Quality

At no cost we make the quality of our services suffer. Our team puts their subject expertise as well as research skills in gathering information and developing your dissertation, PhD thesis or other academic services. Through the use of relevant databases, it is made sure that the information used is credible.

Punctuality In Services

After receiving your service request, we discuss with our team about the required time and then, if that timeline suits you, we proceed with the work to provide the services within the promised time. In case of urgency or deadline falling close, we can shorten the timeline but the difference remains short as to maintain the quality.

Easy Payment Mode

We do not just provide reasonable pricing to our services but also keep our payment process hassle free for our clients. We provide direct links for online money transactions as well as bank transfers so that the client can choose whichever options deems fit to them.

Regular Updates

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industryTo keep it easier for you to track the progress of the service you paid for, our consultancy team keeps you in the loop and provides you with regular updates. This also helps in case the client has an input so that it can be added timely without unfolding the completed sections of the service.