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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do provide an additional discount to our clients who place a second service request. It can also be considered as a loyalty discount for our clients. To know more about the maximum discount attainable for your specific service, we suggest you call our team.
No, we do not provide a separate service just for the publication purpose. However, in case of research manuscript development from the scratch, we can assist you for the journal publishing too through our sister-concern units in academic writing services.
We go through the accepted formatted criteria within your university/college/subject domain to design the format of your research document. Moreover, we go through the guidelines provided to make sure that the styling and formatting are in accordance with the requirements.
We are sorry, but no, there are no refunds in case of dissatisfaction as the service is subjective and may have a difference in opinions. However, you can request our free revisions. As for the omissions, the chances are highly unlikely for such a thing to happen. We request our clients to provide their requirements in writing and we provide the feasibility of the task in writing as well, so we make sure that nothing has been missed.
Usually, the topics get selected before the proposal submission. Therefore, the situation of your supervisor rejecting the proposal on the basis of topic after finalising it themselves is superficial.
The answer to this question depends on you only. We do not suggest you submit the PhD thesis developed by our team as it is. However, in case of emergency or lack of time, you can submit the research thesis directly as we ensure to put all the crucial details in the developed thesis.
Yes, you can. You can place a request query on our contact us panel. However, for a few services like statistics help, essay writing, or formatting services we can only provide a general framework of the procedure.
We do not provide data collection services. However we can support you in questionnaire development and data screening. So yes, we need the collected data from your end.
No, we do not provide support in the admission applications and other admission related processes in the Singapore universities and colleges.
Yes, you can trust our plagiarism checker as we do not use the free tools. Also, we make sure not to upload and save your profile on the plagiarism check software to avoid your work from appearing on any online platform or to avoid your work from being stolen.
Yes, we do provide the guaranteed success of your masters’ dissertation or PhD thesis on the condition that it is planned and written completely by our experts from topic selection to each and every chapter included in it.
Of course it is possible, it is in the form of a periodical or article. It is also possible, if you have received the consent from your supervisor. However, many universities consider self-plagiarism as offensive as other plagiarism. Therefore, we suggest you to confirm directly from your professors or research committee to confirm as to which extent you can keep the masters’ dissertation and PhD thesis similar.

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