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Writing An Argumentative Essay

As clear as it is suggested by the name itself, an argumentative essay is an essay in which you have to claim whether an idea or a research question is justified or not. It can either be going against an existing idea or conclusion in previous studies or being supportive of an idea by augmenting its credibility against other ideas.

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince the readers or persuade them to believe in the topic and idea you are talking about. Therefore, an argumentative essay needs to include claims, reasons, counterclaims or even evidence based on the topics. Revive Dissertation helps you in developing your argumentative essay with the support of reasoning and supportive arguments.

Below are some tips for writing an argumentative essay for your master’s course:

  • Write the argumentative essay as if you are talking or discussing a topic with your classmate or in a debate.
  • Divide the essay into three major segments; introduction, body (in which the arguments are), and conclusion.
  • Raise questions on your claim beforehand and answer them side by side.
  • Follow a five paragraph approach for shorter argumentative essays where one paragraph is about the introduction, 3 paragraphs about arguments and opinions, and one paragraph about the conclusions.
  • For longer argumentative essays, research on the topic and define the segments based on the word count requirement. Include more possible questions and arguments to support your claim.

General Format For Writing A Master’s Argumentative Essay

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