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Proofreading Your Master’s Dissertation

Have you ever read an academic dissertation or other research document which had a spelling or grammatical error? If yes, then know that it is because the author or researcher forgot to get it proofread or the proofreader was not careful enough. Opposite is the case with the authors with zero errors in their dissertation writing as no matter how careful the author is, a written document will always end up having an error; be it minute.

Below are a few reasons why you need dissertation proofreading services:

  • Word errors; proofreading helps you in using the right words at the right place. It is easy to get confused between lie and lay, or complement and compliment.
  • Spelling errors; you may have got the write and right, than and then, or our and are spellings checked yourself. But are you sure that you have checked all the his and her, your and you’re, or lightning and lighting errors too?
  • Language errors; one of the most common errors you might have made are between realising and realizing or metre and meter. And whether -ise and -re are from the same language style or was it -ise and-er?
  • Grammar; the use of grammar has also been developing along with the spellings and languages. The cultural use of a language may differ from country to country and thus, the need for proofreading becomes significant.

How To Proofread Your Dissertation On Your Own?

One Error At A Time

Running for multiple corrections can lead to no correction properly. Therefore, go for one error at a time. For example, if you are checking the punctuation first, go for it first and check the spelling errors after that.

Go Backwards

To reduce the familiarity with the work, it is important to read it in a different perspective to notice the errors in a sentence and in a paragraph to correct the whole written document. Reading backwards helps in noticing the errors more easily than reading it in the order you wrote it.

Know Your Common Mistakes

Go for the common mistakes you usually make as some spelling errors and typographical errors become a habit and do not come in notice usually even when you read it after a time. Therefore, know your usual mistakes and correct them.

Use A Digital Tool

Last but not least, use a digital tool like grammarly. With longer dissertations, digital tools become much more helpful than the manual proofreading as it helps in quickly going through the whole document. However, make sure that the word suggestion given by these tools are conceptually correct too.

Inclusions In The Proofreading Services By Revive Dissertation


Track Changes Mode

We provide the master’s dissertation proofreading in track changes mode so that you can compare and see the changes made in the original document. It helps in checking the common errors made in the document to avoid it in future.


Country Targeted Writing Style

Whether you are pursuing your master’s course in Singapore, the UK, or other countries, our editors check your requirements, college/university guidelines, and target country to fit the accepted writing style for your dissertation.


Plagiarism Spotting

Although plagiarism spotting is not included in the proofreading services offered by most of the academic service providers, we include it in ours to support our clients as much as possible. We highlight the plagiarized parts so that the clients can correct it themselves or we can help in plagiarism removal as well but at an additional pricing.


Discounted Rates Along With Editing

Not all but many of our clients who requested the proofreading services also had issues in contextual understanding and readability discrepancies. For those issues, we offer discounted rates for our editing and proofreading services together to keep the package cost budget friendly.