PhD Thesis Assistance

Get assistance directly from the PhD experts in Singapore to successfully develop your PhD Thesis .

PhD Thesis Proposal Writing

Unlike master’s dissertation synopsis, PhD thesis proposal writing is more complicated and thus, needs to be developed with more care. Errors and mistakes in the PhD thesis proposal can lead to rejection of the scholar’s admission application as well. Therefore, in case of doubts or to develop a research proposal on a less explored topic, take the assistance from experts who can guide you through the thesis proposal writing process.

PhD Thesis Writing Service

Developing a thesis proposal is just the start as many young researchers give up on their research project during the time of PhD thesis writing. It could be because of time constraints, lack of data and information, or simply because the scholar fails to put their knowledge and findings about the topic in the suitable format. In such cases, only an expert can assist and make the PhD thesis writing process easier.

Statistics Help

Revive Dissertation also has a separate department of expert statisticians who work with our subject matter experts and data analysts to understand the need of your thesis development. Our statisticians get regular training in the changing software tools like SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS, Stata, and so on for analyzing data and designing models on the preferred edition.

PhD Editing Services

Editing services are more or less the same for both master’s research documents as well as for PhDresearch research writings. However, the level of strictness can differ depending on the level of higher studies and precision in the research. The editors at Revive Dissertation make sure that the research documents are free of grammatical, typographical, spelling, punctuations, and readability errors.

Thesis Formatting Service

Format is a wide term for all the styling, designing, graphical, and language constructs. In our thesis formatting support, we focus on the page margins, font style and size, graphical formats, and image features. For the formatting to remain flawless, our team goes through the guidelines of the concerned university to check their particular requirements.

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