While many students are able to write an effective draft of their thesis, not everybody has a good command on the native English language. There are students who have English as their second language and can hardly depict their ideas and thoughts clearly in their theses. Such students, and even those who are good at writing, may need to get their work reviewed by a professional editor. The need arrives because of the presence of errors occurring due to lack of attention or simply due to ignorance.

While writing, it is also critical to comply with several linguistic and citation styles that students may not know. Thus, it is essential and beneficial to go for expert dissertation editing services. At Revive Dissertation, we hire academic editors in different fields who have many years of experience in assessing and improving research reports, case studies, and theses. They have been associated with the leading university press and journal publication houses, and they are thoroughly acquainted with the standards that research authors need to meet in order to get published. By applying their experience and knowledge of international styles and standards, our editors help you develop reports that are flawless and impressive.

Here are some aspects that are checked by our editorial team under our PhD thesis editing services in Singapore:

Since it is not possible to check all the points in one go, we usually undertake multi-step editing, whereby the document sent by the client is checked by a team of editors sequentially, assessing some aspects at each step. At the end, we prepare an editing report that shows all the errors and the corrections made in track changes mode. To get the final copy, you can simply accept all the changes in the Word document, and your document will be ready for submission. In case you have any requirement for revision or alteration, we also accommodate that. Through each of our services, our target is to offer 100% satisfaction to our clients.

If you wish to go for our review services or PhD thesis editing services in Singapore, then just send us your thesis for editing through an email at info@revivedissertation.sg. Our editors will get in touch with you to clarify your project requirements and to finalize your order.