PhD Thesis Writing Help

A PhD thesis is much more detailed and difficult than a Master’s research report. If you wish to excel at thesis writing, taking help from an expert is imperative. We help you follow the writing guidelines set by your university, as well as assist you in planning your thesis design and identifying the resources that you will need. Our PhD thesis writing help and PhD thesis consulting in Singapore can make you develop a neat, concise, and comprehensive document.

PhD Proposal Writing Service

A proposal is the proof of a writer’s ability to conduct research on a subject and prepare an authentic research report. We will help you convince your research committee of your worthiness for taking up and completing your research successfully. Simply send us the groundwork that you have done for your thesis proposal and we will help you in developing an impressive proposal. By availing our PhD proposal writing service, you can raise your chances of getting the proposal approved in the first go.

Statistics Help

The application of statistical tools with 100% accuracy is the key to getting your research results right. However, it is easier said than done. Statistical tests can be complicated and confusing, especially if performed without proper guidance. Let our PhD statisticians help you with data analysis for research in a precise manner. With our statistics help, you can filter, manage and analyse complex data sets and arrive at useful information for your study.

Editing Services

We have formulated collaborative editing services, whereby our editors discuss the reports with the clients, define the scope of editing, and then make the necessary changes in their research documents. We ensure that client documents are made free of linguistic errors and plagiarism so they become fit to be submitted with confidence. In addition, we ensure to comply with all the style guidelines provided by your academic institution.


There can be different formatting requirements prescribed by your college. Learning and following them all can be difficult. Our writers and editors are well versed with formats like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian. They will prepare such a layout for your content that is clear, well-structured, and easy to follow. We target to make your entire content consistent and presentable.

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