Statistical analysis forms the cornerstone of most research studies, whether they are qualitative or quantitative. Some facts and figures have to be analysed using relevant tools. The collected information can be either in the form of numbers or statements, which then have to be converted into a measurable form. There are certain scales against which the data is measured and analysed. The thesis writing process cannot be completed unless such analysis is done and the results are obtained.

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It is clear that the right time to consult us is when you start with your research process so we can help you with all the above-mentioned steps. However, even if you have chosen all the factors and collected the data independently, you can ask our statisticians to apply the required tests and get flawless results. The tests that we generally conduct include T-test, Chi square test, ANOVA, MANOVA, time series analysis, regression analysis, Spearman’s rank correlation test, Durbin Watson test, etc. However, we can do additional testing according to your project requirements. To know more about the way we can provide thesis statistical help and dissertation statistics help with our experts who have been delivering SPSS help Singapore to many students for years. Simply contact us at