Evaluating Kruskal-Wallis Test through statistical analysis

Introduction The Kruskal-Wallis test is a non-parametric statistical test used to compare the median of multiple groups. It is important in statistical analysis because it is a robust method for comparing groups when the assumption of normality is..Read More

A Comprehensive Study of Time Series Tests in Statistical Analysis

Introduction Time series tests are statistical methods used to analyze time series data, which is data collected over time. These tests are used to determine whether a time series is stationary (i.e., its statistical properties do not change over ..Read More

How to Run & Interpret Repeated Measures Paired T-Test in SPSS

Typically, a T-test evaluates if there is any significant difference in the mean values of two experimental conditions. However, if the study design is within participants, an approach known as paired sample T-test (commonly known as r..Read More

Mann-Whitney U-Test: Exploring an Alternative to Independent Sample T-Test

Mann-Whitney U-Test. The independent sample T-test, popular among a pool of statistical tests, is widely used to develop statistical evidence for two populations average is significant or not. However, when the assumptions of this test are in doubt, ..Read More

Scatter Plot: An Effective Tool to Represent Relationship Between Two Variables

Studies often involve describing the relationship between two numeric variables. Scatter plot is one such statistical tool which is used in the studies to observe and represent the relationship between the variables.  Scatter plot, commonly k..Read More