The 5 C’s Of Argumentative Essay Writing

The main quality that readers look for in an argumentative essay, as the name suggests, is the ability to argue. They also look the ability to present good quality ideas, organization skills, etc. There are, however, certain other things that people look for in an argumentative essay writing. Here are a few things that people seek in an argumentative essay.


People expect you to be straightforward while presenting your point. If you are direct with your audiences, then you can get across the point easily. Make sure you do not use words, whose meanings are not clear to you.


Make sure you are honest with your readers. Give your readers something they can actually use in their everyday life – advice that has been won hard, useful facts that have been discovered, etc. Write such that your readers would be easily able to understand the information you have provided them with.


Do not expect your readers to agree with you but be firm and calm about the rightness of your argument. Instead, invite readers to see whether they agree with you or not. If your readers agree with you, then congratulate them on selecting the firm side.


Do not go off track or get distracted. Make sure you deploy the power of understatement. An argument that is strong is not usually presented aggressively by shouting and screaming but rather in a calm and controlled manner. Make sure you do not quote the books from which you have got your points excessively.


No matter what your topic, make sure you show your audiences proactively that you have understood it thoroughly. Be an informed judge when you can. Your ultimate goal should be to help your readers in understanding your main point. Give your readers points that they are probably not aware of.

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