The Graphic Rating Scale

Graphic Rating Scale is one of the commonly used scales. Here the different points are often put along the line to form a continuum and the rater indicates his rating by putting a tick at the right point on a line that runs from one extreme end to another.

Brief descriptions on scale points are given along the line whereby their function is to help the rater in fulfilling his job.

The Scale has Few Limitations

The respondents may check at almost any position long the line as to which feature may increase the difficulty on analysis part. The meanings of the terms like “very much” and “some what” might rest on the respondent’s frame of reference to the extent that the statement could be challenged in regard of its equivalency. Few other rating scales may also be used like box replacing line.

The following is an example of five point rating scale

  • Like very much
  • Like somewhat
  • Neutral
  • Dislike some what
  • Dislike very much
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