The journey of Choon Yeong of His MBA Dissertation

Choon Yeong, a meritorious and ambitious student from Malaysia, came to The United Kingdom to pursue his MBA from a reputed college. With big dreams of the future in his eyes, he planned on completing his MBA with flying colors and get a dream job. There was just one hurdle between him and his dreams – the MBA Dissertation.

Being a non-native speaker of English, Choon Yeong struggled to give words to his research. Though, he was highly talented and hardworking, the dissertation was proving to be too big a challenge for him. Moreover, the whole format and structure of the dissertation was foreign to him and he couldn’t understand how to proceed.

That is when Choon Yeoung contacted , a reliable and highly reputable dissertation assistance service based in Singapore. Revived Dissertation focuses on helping foreign students get a quality and original dissertation in their field that follows all the guidelines of the UK. Subject matter experts, academic writers, editors and proofreaders come together to provide a dissertation that is in compliance with international rules and norms.

Revived Dissertation changed Choon Yeong’s journey. When he had almost lost all hope of completing his MBA, revived Dissertation came to his aid. He had decided his topic and just needed assistance in competing his dissertation according to international guidelines.

He availed the UK Dissertation Help from Revived Dissertation to boost the chances of getting his dissertation approved. The team from Revived Dissertation had a detailed talk with Choon Yeong to understand his requirements and what he was looking for. They understood that he just needed some structure and help in methodology and statistical analysis. He also needed constant guidance to help him write his dissertation according to UK standard guidelines. The representatives of Revived Dissertation focused on the major issues Choon Yeoung was facing and found suitable solutions for him.

They first drafted a project timeline that Choon Yeong could follow easily. They suggested publications and journals he could research from. They also devised a proper methodology for data collection and analysis. This helped Choon Yeong easily take crucial decisions with respect to his research. As he was a non-native, Revived Dissertation helped him find an appropriate sample group as well. When Choon Yeong was preparing his questionnaire and illustrations, the team of Revived Dissertation was right by his side ensuring that everything was done right. They discussed in detail and exchanged many ideas so that the Choon Yeoung could get the best possible dissertation.

Once the dissertation was finished, the team also did a thorough proofreading to finally leave Choon Yeong with an original, authentic and well-written dissertation that was a 100% free of plagiarism.

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