Forecast Based Research

Research methods are employed to broaden the horizons of knowledge, research methods applied to forecast future behavior of any variable is called forecast based research. This type of research is applied to obtain sales forecasts, manpower forecasts ..Read More

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Want PhD thesis help? You are at the right place. Irrespective of their specialization field, Phd pursuing students may find thesis writing of the subject of their research very painful. We understand that completely, and we offer a helping hand t ..Read More

The 5 C’s Of Argumentative Essay Writing

The main quality that readers look for in an argumentative essay, as the name suggests, is the ability to argue. They also look the ability to present good quality ideas, organization skills, etc. There are, however, certain other things that people ..Read More

Get the Best PhD thesis writing help

Best PhD thesis writing help Hello Research Scholars! PhD is a noble degree and not everyone has that patience level and strength to go through the entire process of pursuing it. It takes a lot to even enroll in it in the first place, for getti ..Read More

Tips for Writing a Psychology Lab Report

ipants, the types of variables that have been used, and finally the type of design that was used for the experiments. Results Section At the end of the report comes the results section. This is followed by the discussion and analysis of the res ..Read More

Research Methodology

Research essentially means systematic search for original knowledge in a specific domain. Research methods refer to the tools and methods used in conducting the research, whereas Research Methodology refers to the logic behind the choi ..Read More

The Graphic Rating Scale

Graphic Rating Scale is one of the commonly used scales. Here the different points are often put along the line to form a continuum and the rater indicates his rating by putting a tick at the right point on a line that runs from one extreme end to an ..Read More

Tests of sound measurement

Tests of Sound measurement implies the tests of validity, reliability and practicality. Tests of validity: It is the most important criterion of Tests of sound measurement and means the degree to which an instrument measures what it is suppose to ..Read More

Test of Practicality

Economy, interpretability and convenience are the three factors on which the practicality of a measuring instrument can depend upon.  The measuring instrument should be practical from operational point of view. The economic factor suggests th ..Read More

Ways of doing Meta-Analysis

When a student is asked to conduct meta-analysis, what is he being asked to do? He is being asked to take the results of different studies, compare them, and see what patterns he can derive from his comparison. One of the interesting things about ..Read More