Test of Practicality

Economy, interpretability and convenience are the three factors on which the practicality of a measuring instrument can depend upon.  The measuring instrument should be practical from operational point of view. The economic factor suggests th ..Read More

Ways of doing Meta-Analysis

When a student is asked to conduct meta-analysis, what is he being asked to do? He is being asked to take the results of different studies, compare them, and see what patterns he can derive from his comparison. One of the interesting things about ..Read More

The Graphic Rating Scale

Graphic Rating Scale is one of the commonly used scales. Here the different points are often put along the line to form a continuum and the rater indicates his rating by putting a tick at the right point on a line that runs from one extreme end to an ..Read More

Why sample size is important?

Statistical analysis plays a vital role in thesis or dissertation presentations. In any report, numbers speak more than words. A pictorial representation of number rather than explaining in words attracts the eye of the panelists and helps in gaining ..Read More

Avoiding Grammatical Mistakes in Academic Works

Avoiding Grammatical Mistakes in Academic Works is a must. Many students are careless about the way they write. They pay a lot of importance to the research. But they neglect the language in which the findings are written. This shows carelessnes ..Read More

What makes a good bibliography?

Any researcher would get an impression that length is a correct measure of a good bibliography as it reflects upon the number of sources the researcher worked on. This is undoubtedly true but not to complete extent. Bibliography should be selectively ..Read More

Data collection ethical issues

There is a certain code of data collection ethical issues that guides all professions which has evolved over so many years accommodating the change in needs, ethos, values and expectations of those who keep stake in the professions. There also exists ..Read More

Presentation of data is important to ace your dissertation

A dissertation is incomplete without primary and secondary research; hence, it is important to not only collect substantial data through qualitative and quantitative research but it is also important to present the data in a coherent manner. Quantita ..Read More

The value of academic blogs

It is very useful to read the blogs on the website of an academic support company. These blogs are often written by people who have spent many years in academia and know what they are talking about. It is a great way of getting useful information on ..Read More